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    TNR Tip: My audiobook disappeared from iTunes; help! (with video)

    TNR Tip: My audiobook disappeared from iTunes; help! from Alex Luft on Vimeo.

    Audiobooks are awesome, especially when they reside on your MP3 player of choice.  Forget audiobooks on cassettes – those times are long gone; embrace the day in which everything is digital.  At least that is the mantra of many online audiobook retailers.  But what if you still have some audiobooks on tapes laying around the house?  Well, luckily for you – today’s mainstream technology is able to help you out and digitize those cassettes – bring them to your computer, that is.  Actually, a very important tool I used to accomplish just this task is a plain-vanilla 3.5mm male-male cord – which I made my pick of the week on Saturday’s TNR podcast.  So what’s the tip, then?  Well, I ran into a bit of a predicament after bringing my cassettes over to iTunes: the audiobook files disappeared.

    Let me take a step back and explain what transpired from the beginning: I recorded the cassette (both sides) and then joined the two (sides A and B) in GarageBand.  I then exported the two sides as a single MP3 file and sent it to iTunes.  From iTunes, I navigated to the Get Info pane and then to the Options tab, where I marked the file – as it properly should be marked – as Audiobook (under Media Kind).  And then… poof!  The file disappeared from iTunes entirely!  It wasn’t to be found – either by performing a search or by organizing the files by Most recently added.  It was gone.

    I was stunned and stumped.  It was as if iTunes punished me for marking the Media Kind as Audiobook.  It was only a few days later that I figured it all out: iTunes removed the file (newly-marked as Audiobook) from my Music library and moved it to the Audiobook library.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have the Audiobook library subset enabled in iTunes, and thus could not find the file at all.  To bring up the Audiobook sub-menu, all I needed to do was to navigate to the iTunes Preferences menu and, under the General tab (Show sub-menu), tick the check box corresponding to Audiobooks.

    Voila!  As soon as I had done this, the recently-converted “audiobook-on-tape” appeared under the Audiobooks subsection of iTunes.  I felt like a genius, and the day instantly became better, which inspired me to convert more tapes to the digital format.  In fact, I will be making a tutorial about how to do this very thing quite soon.  If I lost you along the way, fear not: just click play on the video tutorial below.  Happy converting!

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    5 comments to “TNR Tip: My audiobook disappeared from iTunes; help! (with video)”

    1. Thank you so much I've been searching for help about this for so long! I just downloaded the newest version of iTunes and it didn't have an audiobooks section I need to take two audiobooks off of my iPhone and now i can! Thank you!

    2. No problem! Glad I could be of help!

    3. No problem! Glad I could be of help!

    4. No problem! Glad I could be of help!

    5. Alex.. U have another problem.. I tried to put one of my audiobooks in my podcast folder by changing the media kind.. Behold when I check the podcast folder the audiobook is no there… I have no idea how to get it back via itunes… I can view it using other media software like MediaMonkey, but in iTunes it is gone for good as it seems.. Any way I can bring it back to being an audiobook or anything for that matter? Thanx Lots in advance..


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