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    Marketing perfection: ZAGG pits Apple iPhone vs. Palm Pre in sales promo

    iphonevspalmpre2ZAGG, the maker of many gadgets and gadget accessories – most notably known for its amazingly awesome invisibleSHIELD gadget protection film – is demonstrating its savvy marketing genius.  The maker of the see-through scratch-proof gadget protection film is holding a special 30% off promotion, and is doing it in a way that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of iPhone and Palm Pre fans.  ZAGG is pitting the sales of the iPhone SHIELD to the sales of the Palm Pre SHIELD, and is calling the event “Clash of the Gadgets.”  This is a perfect outing for fanboys and fangirls to vote on their favorite device of the two smartphones.  The kicker?  To cast a vote, you have to buy an invisibleSHIELD.

    Scratch-Proof, patented film? Check
    Lifetime warranty? Check
    Military grade quality? Check
    Improved Grip?  Check
    Invisible protection? Check
    No added bulk? Check

    This is a perfect way to engage the community of iPhone and Palm Pre owners, since it

    • encourages sales
    • encourages the fans of one of the devices to get the word out and tell their friends to make a purchase
    • keeps your beloved device from harms’ way

    What more could you ask for?

    PS: As of 9:40pm EST on Sunday, June 21st, the sales of the SHIELD for the iPhone are at 56%, with the Pre trailing at 44%.  It seems that the updates in numbers must be entered manually by ZAGG, because the counter is not self-updating, but rather an image that must be manually replaced by a webmaster.

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    4 comments to “Marketing perfection: ZAGG pits Apple iPhone vs. Palm Pre in sales promo”

    1. I too purchased Zagg Invisible Skins and while I like – not love – the product….. I hate SPAM and one Zagg has your email address they SPAM you every day. EVERY DAY! They already have my money and they continue to SPAM me.

      Do you hate SPAM – don't buy ZAGG products.

    2. You know that you can unsubscribe from those updates, right?

    3. You know that you can unsubscribe from those updates, right?

    4. I like the product, however when I purchased a second one for my next device, the air bubbles did not go away as they said they would. Best buy refused to replace it and zagg did, but they charge $4 to send you another one. That is not free like the product says, plus you have to pay to ship your old one to them or they charge you another ten dollars… In other words it is a good product but if it doesn’t work, it is a hassle to replace it!

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