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    Anticipating The Apple Tablet

    I remember sitting in this same building in the beginning of 2007 and feverishly refreshing a plethora of sites live blogging that year’s MacWorld Stevenote. And then the iPhone came out and we all know how that turned out (my and my iPhone are inseparable). And now it’s happening all over, only this time I’m waiting for a tablet – a device that is very mysterious to many, myself included.

    As many have posited, the soon-to-be-announced Tablet (or whatever it ends up being called), will have to be revolutionary in more ways than one – and that’s why it’s so mysterious. Apple simply can’t take an iPhone (or an iPod Touch), increase its screen size, and call it a day. I have a feeling that this device will hail the introduction of an all-new interface (be it touch screen or otherwise) that will make everyone think, “Why didn’t we think of this before? It’s so obvious.”

    In essence, the beauty of the iPhone lies in its proportions – the ability to use the device with one hand and one thumb (on that same hand). In fact, I can touch any corner of the screen with my thumb while holding the iPhone in just one hand. But when it comes to a tablet-style device that has a much bigger screen (we’re talking 8-10 inches here), single-handed navigation becomes difficult. And that’s the reason, in my opinion, Apple will hail a new set of technologies that will make using a larger-screen tablet intuitive, easy, and unique (whether it will be one handed is up in the air). And that’s not to mention the content magnet that this device will become – ebooks and magazines, videos and podcasts – the Apple tablet will undoubtedly work to increase content consumption exponentially.

    And so I (im)patiently await 10 am PST for the Steve Jobs to take stage at today’s Latest Creation media event. Let the refreshing begin self-refreshing javascipt magic do its thing on the live streams (and let’s hope Twitter doesn’t go down). I’ll be here during the live stream.

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