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    New iPhone Ads: File Sharing and Travel Unite!

    Apple has aired two new iPhone ads: “Share” and “Travel.” The two commercials are in the familiar “There’s an app for that” format, featuring iPhone apps for file sharing and navigation. Videos and our take after the break! Read more »

    Posted in Advertising, App Store, Apple, Mac, Marketing, iPhone, iPod Touch, iTunes

    An App Store for the Mac? I Hope So!


    Eight months ago, I speculated that Apple would release a Mac version of its ever-popular App Store before 2009. The main benefit of having such a store is that it would provide a unified place for Mac users to browse and purchase Mac applications. The success of the App Store for the iPhone/iPod Touch has proven that this concept has great value potential. When do we think this store will launch and what, if any, barriers will need to be overcome? Read more »

    Posted in App Store, Apple, Mac, iPhone

    Cutting The Cord: What Apple Will Really Do With Its $1 Billion Server Farm


    Earlier in May, word got out that Apple is planning to invest $1 billion in a server farm. The facility, to be located in the State of North Carolina, will follow a similar (albeit smaller) $600 million undertaking by Google. As could be expected, analysts, bloggers, and the Twitterverse the world over speculated about the possible uses for the investment, but I don’t think anyone hit the nail squarely on the head. I think Apple will use its new server farm to completely cut the cord between its iPhone product line and the desktop. And it will do so in a big way. Read more »

    Posted in Apple, Cloud Computing, Featured, Mac, MobileMe, Speculation, Synchronization, iPhone, iTunes

    Why Macs Will Always Be #2


    We all love Apple. Well, most of us do. The last few years, especially since the Vista launch, modern media has pushed on us the virtues of owning a Mac. Most of the top names in the tech blogosphere use Macs, and support almost all of Apple’s products. Leo Laporte, Ryan Block, and Peter Rojas are all self-admitted Macs (though they all come clean to using PCs). The “in” thing to do in the industry is to be a Mac. While this may put Apple in a position to become the leader in the PC industry, there are several reasons as to why Apple doesn’t want to and cannot do so.

    Apple has long been the underdog of the PC industry. Right before Steve Jobs’ return as iCEO, we can see that this was for a good reason. Apple’s product line-up was a mess and the company was suffering through its worst years ever. Apple started out as a company that was all about the ability to “Think Different.” With Jobs’ return to Apple, this concept was embraced again, and the company started producing computers for the people. The original iMac and iBook are perfect examples: a colored and translucent computer was all about style and appealed to a younger audience. On the other hand, Windows PCs of the day were still considered the computers of choice amongst the tech elite and the business world.

    Cut to today

    Apple’s lineup of computers is amazing, to say the least. An Apple computer represents the latest and greatest in hardware: processors, graphics cards, RAM, connectivity technology, and enclosure engineering are all top-notch. The Mac lineup caters to both personal and business users and does so with extreme precision. Yet Apple is still the underdog of the personal computer market, having approximately 10% of U.S. market share. And this is exactly where the company needs to and wants to be, give or take a few percentage points.

    One of Apple’s greatest strengths is its ability to manufacture both the software and the hardware that combine to make an amazing piece of machinery which outperforms all competition. But this level of performance comes at a price: the company’s second-greatest strength is the margin it enjoys. The last bevy of financial reports have pegged profit margin in the area of 30% or higher. Compared to rival companies such as Dell and HP, that’s an astounding number! It has turned Apple into a company that’s not only debt-free, but one that also enjoys tens of billion of dollars in the bank (and other short-term investments). But why can Apple charge so much more for its computers while other companies try so hard to earn even a 5 percent margin? Read more »

    Posted in Apple, Business, Decisions, Featured, Mac, Marketing, Microsoft, Operating Systems, Predictions, Software, Speculation, Windows 7, Windows Vista

    App Store for Mac? Why not?

    App Store for the Mac?There is no doubt that the killer app for the iPhone and iPod Touch is the iTunes App Store.  Downloads have surpassed 100 million apps back in September, only a few months after the launch of the store.  The success of the App Store has been a benefit for everyone involved, a symbiotic relationship of sorts that’s so desirable in business: developers make money selling applications while Apple takes a cut of sales revenue; developers focus on making awesome apps and let Apple take care of billing, distribution, and bandwidth.  This much we know.

    But the real beauty behind the app store is its simplicity and convenience: find an app you like, hit the install button, and the next moment the app is ready to use; it’s really that simple!  Looking ahead, the time is right for the success of the app store to be translated to desktop computing: I believe that Apple will release a version of the App store for the Mac in the next year. Read more »

    Posted in Apple, Business, Decisions, Mac, Marketing, Predictions, Software, iPhone

    Do Adobe AIR apps pose threat to Mac user interface guidelines?


    Ask any Mac user why he uses (and swears by) his Mac and you will most likely get many responses.  One of such replies might be the fact that applications on the Mac all have a uniform “look and feel”, making the user feel right at home with any application, new or old.  But there is an evil spirit flying in from the south, one that can put an end to this beautiful uniformity.  This spirit goes by the name of Adobe AIR.  Read on to find out what it brings. Read more »

    Posted in Adobe AIR, Featured, Mac, Operating Systems, Software

    TNR Tip: MacBook and red light coming out of headphone/mic jack

    If you’ve ever noticed a red light coming out of your Apple MacBook’s headphone or microphone jacks, here is what’s happening and why. Read more »

    Posted in Exteme Geek, Mac, TNR tip

    Looking back: Windows on a Mac – strategy or pure accident?


    Do you remember when Apple released BootCamp, the software that lets any Mac with an Intel processor to run the Windows operating system natively?  I sure do.  I remember waking up to what was a sunny Florida morning on April 5, 2006, firing up my trusty non-Intel iBook G4, and seeing the headlines: “New Apple software lets Intel Macs boot Windows,” they read.  Immediately I understood what was happening: Apple just took away a major reason (or excuse) that prevented the Mac from becoming more popular.  But how did BootCamp, and subsequently, other virtualization tools, come about?  Hit the Read More link to find out. Read more »

    Posted in Apple, Business, Companies, Decisions, Mac, Marketing

    New MacBooks: the smart move

    Apple notebook event: The spotlight turns to notebooks

    Apple notebook event: The spotlight turns to notebooks

    updated 10/14/2008, 11:58PM EDT.  Fixed typographical errors.

    You already know that Apple is set to announce something notebook-related later today.  After all the leaked pictures and spy shots, it’s easy to say that this is a very anticipated event (and one that must be Apple’s worst-kept secret to date).  Personally, I have been waiting for this day for over a year.  Besides waiting to purchase a replacement for my late motherboard-gone-bad iBook G4, I think that new MacBooks will directly affect Apple’s success in the computer market.  Hit the “read more” link for… more. Read more »

    Posted in Apple, Business, Decisions, Mac, Marketing

    iBook G4 Surgery

    This one falls under the “extreme geek” category: a few months ago I decided to replace the hard drive in my 2004 oldie-but-goody Apple iBook.  The iBook shipped with a 60GB standard Apple drive (probably a Hitachi).  With all the podcasts, music, and video I have been acquiring lately, the need for more storage presented itself in a similar fashion that a running deer presents himself to unsuspecting drivers when the creature runs across 8 lanes of the interstate.  I downloaded and printed the iBook hard drive replacement instructions and screw guides from iFixit.com, an excellent DIY site that has instructions and tips for projects from how to replace an iPod battery to any Mac-related project. Read more »

    Posted in Exteme Geek, Mac, Notebooks, TNR tip
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