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    Microsoft Office In The Cloud: The Strategy Behind It All

    office-2010-web-appsBack in 2008, Microsoft announced Office Web Applications – the web-based version of its ever-popular productivity suite – Microsoft Office. We’ve come across more details recently, with the beta release of Office 2010: the online suite will be made up of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, will be capable of synchronizing with the desktop, will be platform and browser-independent, but will contain less features than the desktop versions of those programs. That should not be an issue, however, since most Office users use very few features in Office.

    The suite will be available to everyone for free via Windows Live and to corporate users through different distribution channels. Since the announcement, such questions as “How would this affect Google Docs/Apps and the Zoho office suite?” have been widely discussed topics. Let’s take a pragmatic look at what we should really expect from Office Web Applications. Read more »

    Posted in Apps, Business, Decisions, Featured, Microsoft, Office, Software, Synchronization, Web apps

    Cutting The Cord: What Apple Will Really Do With Its $1 Billion Server Farm


    Earlier in May, word got out that Apple is planning to invest $1 billion in a server farm. The facility, to be located in the State of North Carolina, will follow a similar (albeit smaller) $600 million undertaking by Google. As could be expected, analysts, bloggers, and the Twitterverse the world over speculated about the possible uses for the investment, but I don’t think anyone hit the nail squarely on the head. I think Apple will use its new server farm to completely cut the cord between its iPhone product line and the desktop. And it will do so in a big way. Read more »

    Posted in Apple, Cloud Computing, Featured, Mac, MobileMe, Speculation, Synchronization, iPhone, iTunes

    Dropbox gets improvements, iPhone app, LAN Sync

    DropboxDropbox – the awesome storage, synchronization, and sharing application – is getting some much-requested changes.  In an email to current users, the Dropbox Team announced that it will be making changes to the service’s undo history, introducing a new feature called “LAN Sync,” and making numerous performance improvements.   The team also announced the forthcoming of an iPhone app. Read more »

    Posted in Apps, Cloud Computing, Software, Synchronization, Web apps

    Review: Instapaper + Instapaper for iPhone

    instapaper_logoDoes this ever happen to you: you find an interesting article on the web but have no time to read it at this moment in time?  What do you do?  Do you just leave the window open, hoping that your browser doesn’t crash and if it does, it will remember the tabs you left open?  Do you the web page to that overflowing bookmarks folder called “stuff to read”?  Or do you just take the environmentally-unfriendly route and send the article to print?  All of those solutions work, but they can be equated to using a stick with dry leaves to start a fire: antiquated and inefficient, to say the least.  With today’s technology having come as far as it has, there must be a better solution.  Meet Instapaper. Read more »

    Posted in Cloud Computing, Monetization, Solution, Synchronization, iPhone

    At long last, sync iPhone/iPod Touch with Google Calendar over-the-air (with multiple calendars)!

    NuevaSync logo courtesy of NuevaSync

    NuevaSync logo courtesy of NuevaSync

    As some of you may know from my previous posts, I have been an outspoken complainer about the lack of wireless over-the-air (OTA) calendar synchronization options for the iPhone.  Simply put, unless you have access to a Microsoft Exchange server (medium to large corporations do) or pay for MobileMe (with which you can’t share calendars with friends and family), there is no easy, intuitive, or otherwise streamlined method to synchronize a web-based calendar such as Google Calendar with the iPhone.  Luckily for us iPhone users, this has finally changed thanks to one company: NuevaSync.  Hit the Read More link to find, well, more!

    Read more »

    Posted in Calendaring, Cloud Computing, MobileMe, Software, Solution, Synchronization, iPhone

    Calendaring and mobility: where are we headed?

    Computer-based calendaring: the background

    Today’s calendaring applications help us coordinate our work (and play) time.  For some time, calendaring was something we did on a desktop-computer basis.  These “high-tech” solutions, as some would describe them, offered many benefits over traditional paper-and-pen calendaring and planning solutions.  The most significant of these benefits was (and still is) the act of making changes to a schedule: no longer does the user have to erase/white-out/cross-out a changed event and re-write it somewhere else.  By using computer-based calendars, all the user needs to do is drag the re-scheduled event to its new location in the calendar.  Yet these early solutions offered little (if anything) in terms of sharing your schedule with co-workers, family, or friends.  Read on to find out how digital calendaring can help us and what changes need to happen in order for it to improve. Read more »

    Posted in Apple, Calendaring, Cloud Computing, Featured, Google, Microsoft, MobileMe, Synchronization, iPhone
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